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The Supreme Court concept of constitutional colorblindness in regards to case evaluation began with Plessy. Before Plessy, the Court considered color as a determining 5 Accounting Assumptions Flashcards factor in many landmark cases, which reinforced Jim Crow laws. Bell’s 1960s civil rights work built on Justice Marshall’s groundwork begun in the 1930s.

5 Accounting Assumptions Flashcards

Population biology refers to the biological factors that affect a population, like fecundity and mortality, and population change refers to the change in a given population with regard to one of the factors mentioned above. All the elements of population composition are significant and have many implications. Some demographers study the potential of human overpopulation and help predict population trends in the future, to help governments prepare for future population growth. Population is generally defined as the number of people who inhabit a particular area, such as a city, town, region, country, continent, or even the entire world. Populations are measured in tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions. However, raw figures like these can only give a small part of the story.

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Cheryl I. Harris published her 1993 Harvard Law Review article “Whiteness as Property” in which she described how passing led to benefits akin to owning property. In 1995, two dozen legal scholars contributed to a major compilation of key writings on CRT. Critical race theory emerged as an intellectual movement with the organization of this boycott; CRT scholars included graduate law students and professors. Scholars of critical race theory have focused, with some particularity, on the issues of hate crime and hate speech. A. Information sufficient for a person without any knowledge of accounting to understand the statements. That where possible the expenses to be included in the income statement were incurred to produce the revenues.

  • In the spring of that year, conservatives launched a campaign led by Clint Bolick to portray Lani Guinier—then-President Bill Clinton’s nominee for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights—as a radical because of her connection to CRT.
  • According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, aspects of CRT have been criticized by “legal scholars and jurists from across the political spectrum.” Criticism of CRT has focused on its emphasis on storytelling, its critique of the merit principle and of objective truth, and its thesis of the voice of color.
  • They sought to better understand inequities in schooling.
  • By the 1970s, White parents were removing their children from the desegregated schools and enrolling them in segregation academies.

And we’ve made choosing real estate classes in Ohio a breeze. The most fundamental assumption of financial accounting involves the object of the performance measure. Should the accounting system provide performance information about countries, states, cities, industries, individual companies, or segments of individual companies? While it is important that each of these entities operate efficiently, financial accounting has evolved in response to a demand for company-specific measures of performance and financial position. Consequently, financial accounting reports provide information about individual, profit-seeking companies.

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For example, the proportion of people living in rural areas versus urban areas is an important factor in demography. As a member, you’ll also get unlimited access to over 84,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. CRT has also been taught internationally, including in the United Kingdom and Australia.

5 Accounting Assumptions Flashcards

On January 15, 2022, his first day in office, governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin signed multiple executive orders, including barring the teaching of critical race theory in public schools. […] Any school which teaches these elements of critical race theory, or which promotes partisan political views such as defunding the police without offering a balanced treatment of opposing views, is breaking the law.” According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, aspects of CRT have been criticized by “legal scholars and jurists from across the political spectrum.” Criticism of CRT has focused on its emphasis on storytelling, its critique of the merit principle and of objective truth, and its thesis of the voice of color. Critics say it contains a “postmodernist-inspired skepticism of objectivity and truth”, and has a tendency to interpret “any racial inequity or imbalance […] as proof of institutional racism and as grounds for directly imposing racially equitable outcomes in those realms”, according to Britannica. Proponents of CRT have also been accused of treating even well-meaning criticism of CRT as evidence of latent racism. During the 1970s, the courts were using legislation to enforce affirmative action programs and busing—where the courts mandated busing to achieve racial integration in school districts that rejected desegregation. In response, in the 1970s, neoconservative think tanks—hostile to these two issues in particular—developed a color-blind rhetoric to oppose them, claiming they represented reverse discrimination.

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For example, slaves in the 18th-century Southern States were depicted as childlike and docile; Harriet Beecher Stowe adapted this stereotype through her character Uncle Tom, depicting him as a “gentle, long-suffering”, pious Christian. Following the Civil War, the African-American woman was depicted as a wise, care-giving “Mammy” figure. During the Reconstruction period, African-American men were stereotyped as “brutish and bestial”, a danger to white women and children. This was exemplified in Thomas Dixon Jr.’s novels, used as the basis for the epic film The Birth of a Nation, which celebrated the Ku Klux Klan and lynching. During the Harlem Renaissance, African-Americans were depicted as “musically talented” and “entertaining”.

J. Simpson murder case when attorney Johnnie Cochran “enacted a sort of applied CRT”, selecting an African-American jury and urging them to acquit Simpson in spite of the evidence against him—a form of jury nullification. Legal scholar Jeffrey Rosen calls this the “most striking example” of CRT’s influence on the U.S. legal system. Law professor Margaret M. Russell responded to Rosen’s assertion in the Michigan Law Review, saying that Cochran’s “dramatic” and “controversial” courtroom “style and strategic sense” in the Simpson case resulted from his decades of experience as an attorney; it was not significantly influenced by CRT writings.

They will use some factors, like fecundity and mortality, to determine a society’s population biology. In many places around the world, governments will conduct a census semi-regularly, in order to determine many of the factors listed above. Using this information, and comparing each census to previous ones, governments and demographers can determine each of these factors and use the information to affect things like public policy. Some ways that these figures can be described include averages, calculated by dividing the sum by the total number of values in a set, as well as standard deviations, which describe the amount of variation in any population with regard to a certain factor. Population pyramids are an especially common method of demonstrating the age distribution of a population. This factor refers to where and how close together the people of a certain population live.

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The 30 hours must include nine hours of classes covering Canons of Ethics, Core Law , and Civil Rights. The process of providing information about profit-seeking entities implicitly assumes that they can be identified and measured. Individual companies must be entities in and of themselves, separate and distinct from both their owners and all other entities. This statement represents the economic entity assumption, the first basic assumption of financial accounting. Crenshaw claimed that “equality of opportunity” in antidiscrimination law can have both an expansive and a restrictive aspect. Crenshaw wrote that formally color-blind laws continue to have racially discriminatory outcomes. In 1990, legal scholar Duncan Kennedy described the dominant approach to affirmative action in legal academia as “colorblind meritocratic fundamentalism”.

5 Accounting Assumptions Flashcards

Shipping term specifying that title to goods passes to the buyer when the goods are shipped at the seller’s place of business; thus the buyer pays the cost of shipping the goods to its location. The cost of the inventory that the business has sold to customers. Elements And Cash Flow Classifications Of Financial Analysis 4.

Sales revenue less sales discounts and sales returns and allowances. Credit term specifying that payment for a purchase is due within 30 days after the date of the income. Income statement format that calculates net income or net loss by listing important subtotals such as gross profit and operating income. All the goods purchased for resale to customers in the normal course of merchandising operations. Office expenses, such as the salareies of the company president and office employees, depreciation of items used in administration, rent, utilities, and property taxes on the office building. Shipping term specifying that title to goods passes to the buyer when the goods are received at buyer’s destination; thus, the seller pays the cost of shipping the goods to this destination.

In 1978, Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, when Bakke won this landmark Supreme Court case by using the argument of reverse racism, Bell’s skepticism that racism would end increased. In his influential 1984 article, Delgado challenged the liberal concept of meritocracy in civil rights scholarship. He questioned how the top articles in most well-established journals were all written by white men.

Even though some schools claim students can complete the material within eight weeks, the application process may require an additional few weeks to get your Ohio real estate license finalized. Both include all you need to keep working as a real estate agent for three additional years. As of December 2021, 66 educational gag orders had been filed for the year in 26 state legislatures that would inhibit teaching any race theory in schools, universities, or state agencies, by teachers, employers or contractors. Penalties vary, but predominantly include loss of funding for schools and institutions.

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On May 4, 2021, the bill was signed into law by Governor Brad Little. On June 10, 2021, the Florida Board of Education unanimously voted to ban public schools from teaching critical race theory at the urging of governor Ron DeSantis. As of July 2021, 10 U.S. states have introduced bills or taken other steps that would restrict teaching critical race theory, and 26 others were in the process of doing so. Brookings also noted that these laws often extend beyond race to discussions of gender.

He was responding to the Supreme Court’s decisions that had resulted in the re-segregation of schools. Next, real estate classes in Ohio must be completed at an institution of higher education that awards a degree. The schools on our list that offer prelicensing courses are all approved by the State of Ohio. Let’s take a look at the kinds of programs real estate schools in Ohio offer to prepare you for your entire career. Secondly, LatCRT work has investigated the possibility of transforming the relationship between law enforcement https://accountingcoaching.online/ and racial power, as well as pursuing a project of achieving racial emancipation and anti-subordination more broadly. Its body of research is distinct from general critical race theory in that it emphasizes immigration theory and policy, language rights, and accent- and national origin-based forms of discrimination. CRT finds the experiential knowledge of people of color and draws explicitly from these lived experiences as data, presenting research findings through storytelling, chronicles, scenarios, narratives, and parables.

Discount granted on sales for the customer’s early payment within a discount period; a contra-account to Sales Revenue. An inventory system in which the business keeps a continuous record of inventory owned and the cost of the goods sold.

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Bell came to believe that he had been mistaken in 1964 when, as a young lawyer working for the LDF, he had convinced Winson Hudson, who was the head of the newly formed local NAACP chapter in Harmony, Mississippi, to fight the all- White Leake County School Board to desegregate schools. She and the other Black parents had initially sought LDF assistance to fight the board’s closure of their school—one of the historic Rosenwald Schools for Black children. Bell explained to Hudson, that—following Brown—the LDF could not fight to keep a segregated Black school open; they would have to fight for desegregation. The concept of standpoint theory, introduced by feminist sociologists in the 1980s, was expanded to include a black feminist standpoint by Patricia Hill Collins.

  • It also allows respondents to talk about things that recruiters may not have previously considered.
  • Rufo wrote on Twitter, “The goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think ‘critical race theory’.”
  • Define the term “population” in your own words and give an example.
  • While CRT focuses on the Black–White paradigm, LatCRT has moved to consider other racial groups, mainly Chicana/Chicanos, as well as Latinos/as, Asians, Native Americans/First Nations, and women of color.
  • The type of company you’ve shown interest in tells them where you stand in the corporate race and where your goals are.

One of these students was Kimberlé Crenshaw, who had chosen Harvard in order to study under Bell; she was introduced to his work at Cornell. While he was absent from Harvard, his supporters organized protests against Harvard’s lack of racial diversity in the curriculum, in the student body and in the faculty.

However, in some cases the bills mandate firing of employees. Before 1993, the term “critical race theory” was not part of public discourse. In the spring of that year, conservatives launched a campaign led by Clint Bolick to portray Lani Guinier—then-President Bill Clinton’s nominee for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights—as a radical because of her connection to CRT. Within months, Clinton had withdrawn the nomination, describing the effort to stop Guinier’s appointment as “a campaign of right-wing distortion and vilification”.

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Apple Inc Case Study Net sales consists of revenue generated from selling products and revenue is recognized when customers order the product and the product is being shipped to … The marketing cost of retaining customers is much higher than the cost of replacing them.

Not only do they have a lot of experience in online education, but their online platform is also sleek, with easy-to-use features that make navigating your online course a breeze. “Florida board votes to ban critical race theory from state classrooms”. “Why are states lining up to ban critical race theory?”. Another offshoot field is disability critical race studies , which combines disability studies and CRT to focus on the intersection of disability and race. Amy E. Ansell writes that the logic of legal instrumentalism reached wide public reception in the O.

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